INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC TICKET ISSUANCE: We provide air tickets for every single airline flying in and out of India, and indeed within India. We can also offer tickets for certain multi-legged journeys involving numerous countries.

INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC HOTEL BOOKINGS:  Whatever your destination and whatever type of hotel you require, we can provide for you. We also have flexible payment options for hotel bookings.

DOMESTIC TOUR PACKAGES:  We can provide numerous package options for you to see all the beauty that exists within India itself. We also offer transport service to make your tour that much more comfortable.

INTERNATIONAL  HOLIDAY PACKAGES: The USP of CR Holidays is its ability to give you comprehensive expertise when you book an international holiday package with us. Our close links with hotels and local suppliers means we can give you highly competitive rates for a customised tour.

VISA ASSISTANCE: When you book a holiday or a flight with us, we can help you get visas for the countries you want to visit. We know how time consuming a visa application can be, and that ‘s why we are offering this service to our clients. Just one more aspect that makes us your go-to agent for all your travel needs.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: The best way to ensure you have a stress free vacation or business trip is to get yourself travel insurance. We offer a variety of plans to meet your individual needs, through our trusted Insurance partners.